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2006 EQALM Symposium

EQALM Symposium 2006, Geneva, 11-14 September 2006, Switzerland


Accreditation and Certification of the Quality Control Center Switzerland: 9 years of experience S. Vasey, A. Deom
MDMA : external assessment results from immunological tests only detecting amphetamines and/or methamphetamine S. Vasey, A. Deom
Microscopic Diagnosis of Plasmodium falciparum: a 9 years' experience with External Quality Control Assessment (EQA) Anne Mauris, Pierre-Alain Morandi, Hans-Peter Marti, André Deom
External Quality Control Results of Urine Dip-Slide Devices Pierre-Alain Morandi, Anne Mauris, André Deom, Peter Rohner

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