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2011 EQALM Symposium

2011 EQALM Symposium, Szeged, 22-23 September, 2011, Hungary

Analytical Quality and Beyond

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Session 1: EQA for rare diseases  
Overview of EQAS for rare diseases in haematology Barbara de la Salle
Experience with an international EQAS for a rare disease : a clinical and analytical scheme for porphyrias Sverre Sandberg
 General Discussion  
Session 2: The educational role of EQA  
The educational role of EQA: the organizer and laboratories perspectives  Jonna Pelanti

A digital morphology educational EQA scheme

Michelle Brereton
General Discussion  
Session 3: Pre-analytical EQA  
EQA schemes in the pre-analytical phase: how they contribute to reduce laboratory errors? Mario Plebani
SEQC: Preanalitycal Quality Control Program. Ten years experience Nuria Barba
Portuguese EQAS vision versus experience on pre-analytical phase (2007-2011) Ana Paula Faria
Session 4: Accreditation  
Results of a questionnaire Annette Thomas
Adam Uldall Lecture  
EQA in developing countries André Deom
Session 5: The role of EQA in method harmonisation  
The AACC concept of method harmonisation Gary Myers
General Discussion on the role of EQA in method harmonisation Piet Meijer
Contributions from Working Group projects  
Post-analytical external quality assessment of INR in primary and secondary care: an international survey. Ann-Helen Kristoffersen
Contribution of telemedecine to External Quality Assessment Scheme for blood smear and bone marrow interpretation: the Belgian experience Bernard Chatelain
Pre- and postanalytical surveys: a complementary service of EQA centers and valuable continuing education tool. Xavier Albe
Pre-analytical EQA scheme - a pilot study. Gunn BB Kristensen
The Key Incident Monitoring & Management Systems (KIMMS) project. Alan Bateman
Role of external quality assessment schemes in the standardization and postmarket vigilance Janos Marki-Zay


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