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2014 EQALM Symposium

2014 EQALM Symposium, Toulouse, France, 23-24 October, 2014


The role of EQA in Improving Quality in Laboratory Medicine

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The use of these presentations event partial is not allowed without the prior agreeement of the author. Please contact EQALM (office@eqalm.org) for more information.

Session 1: Performance criteria    
Laboratory Medicine EQA and standardisation  PDF Patrick Twomey
How is poor performance defined among EQA organisations?  PDF Xavier Albe
Evolution of the performance of medical laboratories in bacteriology during the last decade  PDF Christophe Garcie
Contribution of EQA in the evaluation and follow up of serological methods in virology  PDF Marcel Miédougé
Session 2: Addressing the challenges of ISO 17043    
Use of a ISO 13528 template for quantitative schemes : the issues  PDF Annette Thomas
Alternative approach to homogeneity testing  PDF Piet Meijer
Stability of test materials – A challenge to find the balance?  PDF Chris van Campenhout
Subcontractor evaluation  PDF Stéphanie Albarède
Session 3: Adam Uldall Lecture    
Post Market Surveillance of Manufacturers Assays and the Effects of the Revised IVDD  PDF David G Bullock
Session 4: Pre and post analytical EQA    
An international study of how laboratories handle and evaluate patient samples after detecting an unexpected APTT prolongation  -- Piet Meijer
Pre and post analytical EQA: What to do and how to do it from a UK NEQAS perspective  PDF Barbara de La Salle
Hemolytic interferens in determination of Troponin I and T  PDF Inger Plum
Session 5: Contributions from Working Group projects    
Pre-analytical routines in coagulation testing in Europe: Are guidelines followed?  -- Ann-Helen Kristoffersen
Session 6: Abstracts    
Performance and education - common goals of the blood smear scheme in the RoEQALM experience  PDF Mariana Patiu
Harmonization of evaluation criteria for European EQAS – haematology as a case study model  -- Mohamed Rida Soumali
Introduction of a new external quality assessment for the analysis of thiopurine drugs  PDF Karen Robijns
Dynamics and management of poor results in RoEQALM external quality control schemes in parasitology, during 2009-2013  PDF Suzana Elena Cilievici
External Quality Assessment in pre-analytics - 8 years of experience  PDF Dagmar Kesseler
Integrated EQA  PDF Juha Wahlstedt


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