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2019 EQALM Symposium

2019 EQALM Symposium, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 17-18 October, 2019


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The use of these presentations event partial is not allowed without the prior agreeement of the author. Please contact EQALM (office@eqalm.org) for more information.

ISO 17043 (I)    
Homogeneity and stability testing  PDF Wim Coucke
The perspective of the accreditation body  PDF Martin Stearn
The ISO17043 from the perspective of Laboratory Medicine: Do we need a revision? (results of a questionnaire + discussion)  PDF Piet Meijer
Abstract presentations (I)    
Development of Belgian guidelines for the minimal frequency of participation to method and disease-based genetic proficiency testing in the context of hereditary rare diseases  PDF Joséphine Lantoine
Weqas INR Programme – An Example of Post Market Vigilance  PDF Samantha Jones
Adam Uldall Lecture    
EQA– future challenges and opportunities  PDF Annette Thomas
Molecular Genetics    
The effect of global migration on the European population genotype  PDF Dorret Boomsma
EQA in genetic testing  -- Fiona Morgan
EQALM collaborations    
Harmonisation and traceability: a global effort (introduction + discussion)  PDF Sverre Sandberg and Eline van der Hagen
Quality of interpretative comments  -- Eva Ajzner
Introduction on the Task and Finishing group on Immunology  -- Dina Patel
ISO 17043 (II)    
Commutability of EQA samples, how to assess  -- Vincent Delatour
Abstract presentations (II)    
Contribution from local organizer, SNEQAS  PDF Saša Bratož
ProMeQuaLab - Project of Laboratory Quality Improvement for Portuguese Speaking Countries. Tasks during 2015-2019  PDF Ana Faria


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