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EQALM is an umbrella organization for European EQA organizers in laboratory medicine. EQALM provides a forum for co-operation and exchange of knowledge on quality-related matters especially with regard to EQA programs in Europe.

EQALM symposium 2021

We are pleased to announce that the 2021 EQALM symposium will be a virtual 3 day event,
with a variety of topical presentations from expert speakers. Save the date !

Tuesday 12th October - this will be an opportunity for members of working groups to meet
Wednesday 13th October - day one of the main event
Thursday 14th October - day two of the main event

Available downloads

Registration Form Downloadable here
EQALM 2021 Symposium programme Downloadable here
Further details being announced soon.



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Contact : office@eqalm.org