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EQALM is a European group of organisations involved in the external quality assessment of laboratory medicine services.

Workshop organised by Eurachem in cooperation with EQALM

The 9th workshop on Proficiency Testing in Analytical Chemistry, Microbiology and Laboratory Medicine will be held on 9-12 October 2017, in Portorož, Slovenia.
This workshop is organized by Eurachem in cooperation with EQALM.
See details at www.eurachempt2017.eu.

Presentations of EQALM 2016 meeting

Most of the presentations of the EQALM 2016 symposium held in Barcelona, Spain on 13-14 October, 2016 are now available here.

WHO EQA Manual

The EQALM Board is pleased to have a link to the WHO EQA Manual, which we believe will be of interest to our Members.

EQALM 2017 symposium

The next EQALM symposium and General Assembly will be held in Dublin, Ireland on 19-20 October, 2017.
Futher details will be published when available.

News from the working groups

Microbiology Report on the EQALM Microbiology Working Group survey (01.2016)
Virtual Microscopy Strategic plan and action plan for 2016 (04.2016)

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