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To join EQALM, please send your request using the e-mail facilities in the Contact page.


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Information about EQALM may be obtained by contacting :

EQALM office
EQALM, c/o CSCQ, chemin du Petit-Bel-Air 2, CH-1225 Chêne-Bourg, Switzerland
e-mail : office@eqalm.org

Benefits of membership

Full member

Non-European member

Associate member

Individual member

Membership Prices Per Year:

Full membership for EQA's organizations (European)
Full membership for EQA's organizations (non-European)*
Individual membership**
Associate membership**

Late reminder fee 25€

*EQA organisations from outside of Europe may be admitted to membership at the discretion of the Board.
**EQALM may accept individuals interested in external quality assessment/assurance as individual members and organisations (either commercial or international) conducting EQA schemes as Associate Members.
For further information, see the Constitution.

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The full text of the constitution can be found here.

Registration to the Registry of Commerce in progress (2019-03-14).

EQALM c/o CSCQ, 2 chemin du Petit-Bel-Air, 1225 Chêne-Bourg, Switzerland