Barcelona, Spain, 13-14 October, 2016

The presentations in this page have been archived and are no longer available.


Session 1: Traceability  
Traceability in laboratory medicine – current status Jonathan Middle
Effect of traceability – example from an EQA provider Paul Franck
Results of questionnaire on traceability Piet Meijer
Session 2: Adam Uldall Lecture  
Elements of analytical quality – a historical review Per Hyltoft Petersen
Session 3: The Perfect EQA Scheme; How might we achieve this?  
The road to a perfect EQA programme Christa Cobbaert
What is commutability and how can it be examined? Finlay MacKenzie
The use of target values in EQA Anja Kessler
The importance of reagent lot registration in EQA Anne Stavelin
Session 4: The members' session  
Commutable serum with Reference values, impact on standardization Beatriz Boned and Emma Ventura
Interpretation of EQA results and EQA-based trouble shooting Gunn Kristensen
Session 5: Selected presentations from abstracts  
First Belgian national EQA for special stains in histopathology Vanessa Ghislain
Anti-viral and antiretroviral drugs assays: results of five years EQAS Anne Vassault
Peer groups with few participants: Novel robust approach for assigned values based on a mixed linear model and ISO 13528 algorithms Christian Blaeul