Lyon, France, 18-20 October 2023


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Emerging technologies and challenges: big data and AI within laboratory medicine and EQA aspects. -- Damien Gruson
The role of EQA for reliable software in the laboratory -- Andreas Bietenbeck
Breakout discussion session    
     Practical problems in EQA - use of statistics -- Tony Badrick
     Commutability testing - is it always necessary? -- Barbara De la Salle
     How do you provide education in your schemes - including pre and post analytic EQA? -- Anne Stavelin
IVDR NBO, post-market surveillance and use of EQA -- Karin Schwenoha
Metrology input for post-market surveillance of IVD tests -- Vincent Delatour
Central database: HALMA -- Wim Coucke
The role of reference measurement procedures in supporting EQA -- Denise O’Sullivan
Adam Uldall Lecture     
Education: The Holy Grail of EQA? -- Barbara De la Salle
EQA serum composition directly impacts performance surveillance; an example for creatinine is shown -- Rachel Marrington
NOPAM – a new international patientbased EQA-program -- Anne Elisabeth Solsvik
Performance Assessment of Point of Care Testing for Blood Glucose – a 5 year review -- Gareth Davies 
Variability in employee training and competence management policies and
procedures by EQA providers reveals an opportunity for harmonization in capacity building
-- Lucy A. Perrone
Knowledge, Awareness, and Challenges of External Quality Assessment among
Laboratory Medicine Professionals: An Online Survey
-- Serafeim Karathanos
Medical Laboratory and EQA during war -- Viktoriia Ianovska
Presentation from ProbioQual -- Bernard Poggi 
Immunology: Is machine learning leading the way to harmonisation of ANA testing? -- Dina Patel
EQALM Virtual Microscopy projects -- Istvan Juhos
The EQALM Guidelines for publishing on interlaboratory comparison studies (PubILC) -- Christoph Buchta
EQA for the diagnostic process – using case history and EQA samples -- Piet Meijer