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EQA and the Covid-19 Pandemic -- Rachel Marrington
Covid 19 Pandemic and the Effect on EQA Services Paola Pezzati
EQA for SARS-CoV-2 Oliver Donoso Mantke
External Quality Control for Immunotyping in Organ Transplantation Yvonne Zoet
Abstract 1: A Study of Quality Assessment in Clinical Parasitology for Detection of Spiked Specimens with Schistosoma Mansoni Cláudia Aldeia
Abstract 2: EQA for Pneumatic Tube Systems - Preliminary Results of a New Pre-Analytical EQA Scheme Heidi Berghäll
How to Monitor the Quality of the Pre-Analytical Phase? Vincent De Guire
Harmonisation of Measurands in Laboratory Medicine Through Data Aggregation (HALMA) Greg Miller
EQALM Central Database Project Wim Coucke
The Future of EQA Tony Badrick
EQALM Virtual Microscopy Sharing Platform Project -- István Juhos
Abstract 3: Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Quality and Performance of the Haemostasis Laboratories -- Martine J. van Essen Hollestelle
Abstract 4: Fluids Adding Colour to the Spectrum of EQA Provision -- Rachel Marrington
General Assembly -- Christoph Buchta
HIL Index and Interference; Joining Preanalytical Index with Analytical Interference and Post Analytical Comments to the Clinicians Morten Pedersen
The New IVDR: The Role of the EQA Organiser -- Christa Cobbaert
Evaluating Commutability of Control Materials in Nordic External Quality Assessment Schemes for Lipoproteins -- Emilia Svala
EEQA by Monitoring Patients Medians -- Anne Elisabeth Solsvik