In 2008, the Adam Uldall Award was established in order to honor the founder of EQALM. The award is presented during the Annual Symposium to a person who has spent much of his/her career pursuing better quality across laboratory medicine and who is a well-known and respected international advocate on quality.

Name of awardedYearLecture
Barbara De la Salle 2023 Education: The Holy Grail of EQA?
Piet Meijer 2022 EQA, is there a benefit for the patient?!
Annette Thomas 2019 EQA - Future challenges and opportunities
Greg Miller 2018 Future challenges in EQA, with special emphasis on harmonization and commutability
Mauro Panteghini 2017 The role of EQA in the verification of in-vitro medical diagnostics
Per Hyltoft Petersen 2016 Elements of analytical quality - a historical review
Sverre Sandberg 2015 Performance criteria of point-of-care testing in modern medicine
David G Bullock 2014 Post Market Surveillance of Manufacturers Assays and the Effects of the Revised IVDD
Linda Thienpont

Dietmar Stöckl
2013 The role of EQA providers in the harmonization process: a plea for using native sera in external quality assurance

Newer trends in EQAS continuous peer-group monitoring of laboratory data
Carmen Ricos 2012 Databases on Biological Variation. Establishment & uses
André Deom 2011 EQA in developing countries
Gunnar Nordin 2010 The Role of EQA in the Establishment of Analytical Quality Specifications
Jean-Claude Libeer 2009 External Quality Control in medical laboratories: differences with other PT testing programs
Jonathan Middle 2008 The role of EQA in quality improvement of medical laboratories